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We have descriptions of what you should look for in a computer. Look to the right and you may get some ideas. If there is something you have a question about, please let us know. Or if we forgot to mention something. Email us at computers@kevtech.com


If you are looking for a new computer, you came to the right place. We offer all types of systems.

Performance systems - CAD machines, graphic design or gaming systems

Economical systems - For school work, web browsing and home computing

Things to look for in a computer:

Processor - This is the brain of the computer. The faster the speed, usually in Ghz, the more applications your computer can handle. There are 2 major manufacturers, Intel and AMD. Both offer several types of processor ranging in price. Depending what type of computer you choose, it will usually decide on processor type that is used.

Memory - Allows more programs to run, will make your computer faster. I recommend the bare minimum for running Microsoft Windows XP is 128 MB. Today's computing, I would recommend 512 MB for a desktop computer.

Hard Drive Space - This is used to store all your programs, music, and data. 40 GB is a common amount for desktop computers. You may want to partition to store your programs, documents, windows and music on separate drives.

CD / DVD Drives - Gives you the option to watch DVD's, to make CD's and DVD's, depending on type of drive you choose.

USB Ports - New computer equipment, like scanners, cameras, printers, use these type of ports to connect to your computer.

Firewire Ports - Similar to USB, but faster. Digital video cameras use this port to transfer video to your computer.

PCI / AGP Slots - These slots are located inside the computer on the motherboard. AGP slot is used mainly for video cards and PCI slots are for all types of expansions of your computer.

Video Card - If you are using your computer for gaming, then you'll want to purchase a excellent video card with at least 64 MB of DDR memory. For normal computing, this isn't required, an onboard video is fine.

Sound Card - This is also another luxary to a computer. It will make your sound clearer, but it comes at high cost. Also, you need to have high end speakers to take advantage of it. If you are going to run a surround system, then I would recommend it. Otherwise, the onboard sound is fine.

Speakers - Choice of 2 front, a subwoofer, 2 rear, and 1 center. Most systems come with the 2 front speakers, unless requested otherwise.

Monitors - There are 4 types of monitors to go with. Then you have to choose a size. 17 inch is a good size to go with, but it all depends on what the computer is used for. Traditional screens are not very common anymore, they have switched to flat screen, meaning the screen is flat, it is not the thin monitor, still bulky. The flat panel monitor, LCD's, are flat, thin, and easy to place, but twice the amount of flat screen monitors. Or you can go with a plasma screen, which is large and expensive.

Please give us a call or send an email on what you were looking for in a computer. If you don't know, let us know what you are going to use the computer for and we will make a suggestion.

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